Photo Scanning & Digitization

We scan thousands and thousands of photos a year, both for publication and simply to create a digital archive of our company's photo collection. We are experts in the handling, care, and proper digitization procedures for film of all sizes. Your images will be scanned and returned to you in the same condition you provide them to us.

Your images will be scanned in the highest possible quality, at a resolution that is suitable for nearly all printing applications. Our pricing is as follows:

- $1.00 per 35mm, 110, or 126 slide or negative (at 3000 dpi)
- $3.00 per medium format negative, up to 2.5"x3" (at 1200 dpi)
- $6.00 per large format negative, up to 4"x5" (at 800 dpi)

Note: These fees do not include the return shipping cost for your original film.

SPECIAL OFFER! We offer a 50 percent discount on the above pricing if you transfer non-exclusive publication rights for the scanned images to The Garbely Publishing Company. We will add the images to our digital reference library, and you may see your photos in a future GPCo book release!

Please contact us at to begin your photo scanning project.

Photo Restoration

With our experience in Photoshop and similar photo manipulation software, we can provide professional photo restoration for your old negatives, slides, or even prints. We can turn scratched, water-damaged, or otherwise imperfect images into publication-worthy digital files.

Photo restoration projects are quoted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the complexity and extent of the restoration. To receive a quote, please email us at with some information about your project.