Who We Are

The Garbely Publishing Company is a small, independently owned and operated publisher concentrating on up-and-coming railroad history authors who wish to see their dreams become a published reality. The company was started in 2012, specializing in small runs of railroad books, magazines, and other works that allow authors complete control over their projects and their distribution to buyers.


Rudy has a decade of web and graphic design experience on a variety of platforms. Specializing in simplistic, historically-influenced copy and design work, Rudy has created logos, graphics, and written content for a diverse range of clients. A 2012 graduate of Moravian College's history program (with honors), Rudy is a former intern at both the National Museum of Industrial History and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. He spent six years working for the Morristown & Erie Railway in marketing and operations, later working at the Atlas Model Railroad Company before moving to Hawk DrillingHe is currently on the board of directors for the Tri-State Railway Historical Society, The Conrail Historical Society, and New England Steam Corporation. Rudy founded The Garbely Publishing Company in December of 2012, and is an author of four railroad history books.


Vice President

Richie is an avid railfan, volunteer, and rail historian with a keen interest in short line railroads. As a young but highly experienced researcher, Richie has authored two railroad history books, and is a frequent presenter at local historical societies and libraries. Richie has a degree in business from Union County College and currently studies management at Ramapo College. He also works part-time at Hawk Drilling and is active in the Tri-State Railway Historical Society. He joined The Garbely Publishing Company in 2014 as an author, and became a partner in the company (and Vice President) in October of 2016.



With experience in video production, social media, graphics, and web design, Kevin’s expertise is the merger of the railroad industry with the creative multimedia. He is currently studying broadcasting and visual media at Seton Hall University, and performs contract paint and restoration work for railroads (including the Morristown & Erie Railway) and preservation groups (including the Tri-State Railway Historical Society, of which he is a director, and the United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey). Kevin is a master of typography and fonts, and provides stylistic input on all of The Garbely Publishing Company’s publications and design work. Kevin has been with The Garbely Publishing Company in various capacities since 2014.

I’m glad to see somebody from your generation working to preserve and record these histories. The torch has been passed and is in good hands.
— Al Holleuffer, Morristown & Erie Railroad veteran