Praise for Just a Short Line - The Story of the Rahway Valley Railroad, Volume II: History of the Line, 1951-2009

by Richard J. King

How the transition was made from steam to diesel and how the railroad’s employees adapted makes for quite the entertaining read…. I found the stories about the various employees to be the most enjoyable part of a most enjoyable book…. This book is truly a labor of love and it shows. Not a detail is overlooked and the photographs are loaded with detailed captions that help tell the story…. Garbely Publishing and author King have both done themselves proud with this one. Whether you’re a fan of northeast railroading, shortlines in general or just like to read about the “heart” of how a railroad operates, you are bound to enjoy this book.
— Frank Garon, in Railfan & Railroad Magazine, August 2016
The personality is easily this book’s number one strength. It feels complete not just because it is chronicling the history . . . but because it captures the heart of the railroad, its employees, and this community . . . You don’t have to be a railfan to be connected to the history of this, the heart of this, and the character of it, and I think that’s one of the book’s biggest strengths . . . Because Richie is so passionate about the subject, you get that passion from him in terms of his writing style and you get it from anecdotes that he shares from those who are connected with the railroad. That is really gratifying to read.
— Nick Ozorak, "The Roundhouse" Podcast

Praise for Just a Short Line - The Story of the Rahway Valley Railroad, Volume I: History of the Line, 1897-1950

by Richard J. King

Anyone with an interest in the Rahway Valley owes it to himself to get this title. I’m very impressed by the detail of the text and quality and variety of the photographs. I recommend the book highly to anyone with an interest in this railroad. Thank you Mr. King for your dedication in authoring it and Mr. Garbely for taking a chance and publishing it.
— Bob Callahan, GPCo reader from Pennsylvania

Praise for Lehigh Valley - The Final Years: 1965-1976

by Rudy Garbely

Mr. Garbely has done an amazing piece of original research. . . . He did a magnificent job in both the conception and execution of this [book]. . . . So few students are interested in business and corporate history, and Mr. Garbely is exceptionally talented at it.
— Dr. Richard Saunders, Jr., professor of history at Clemson University and author of "Merging Lines: American Railroads, 1900-1970" and "Main Lines: Rebirth of the North American Railroads, 1970–2002"
I have just finished reading every page of [this book], and it is outstanding! . . . [Garbely has] presented the facts in a most comprehensive, but extremely readable, format. I had intended to . . . read it at my leisure, but when I got into the first few pages, I found that I could not put it down. For any student of the LV, [Garbely deserves] the utmost credit.
— Hays Watkins, former chairman of the Chesapeake & Ohio, Chessie System, and CSX from 1971-1988
[T]he author has combined his thorough knowledge of railroad history with detailed business and economic analysis. It is an excellent read. . . . I found this to be an outstanding book, with top-notch editing.
— Frank Amato, GPCo reader from Davenport, IA